Posted by: regpriest | July 20, 2009

While the cat is away…

…the mouse (that’s me) will write up a brief personal faq while the meece watch Little Bear.

Why a priest?

For three reasons.

  1. I like helping people. I’m a helper! YAY!
  2. I often joke that, if I died, my husband would wander our home dirty and hungry, desperately trying to locate his glasses. As such, it only makes sense that I would roll a healy type. Otherwise my husband would spend a lot of time dead, and so would I. On the occasions when we don’t play our mains, we do a lot of corpse runs.
  3. I am, at my heart, deeply selfish and wish to keep all the healz for myself.

Why Horde?

Um, cause they rock so hard? Actually, I started out Alliance, with, yes, a priest. I deleted the priest at 20 after one too many miserable Deadmines runs. My next character was an Alliance mage. I got her to 55 before I got bored and decided to try out the Horde. I remembered how much I enjoyed priesting, and hoped that the Horde populace would be a little less annoying. They were substantially less annoying, so I stayed. Reg is the product of the experiment.

Why Forsaken?

I love zombies.

I heard it’s hard to level a priest.

That’s not a question. But yes, it can be challenging, but it doesn’t need to be misery! You can level as Shadow to ease the tedium, or if you have a steady and reliable leveling partner, you can level as Holy. Discipline offers hardiness, with a side of healing, so you can still say “Yes!” to the six jillion Wailing Caverns (Or Deadmines for you ally folk) invites you’ll get.

How’d you level then?

I leveled Holy, with a partner (my husband’s shaman) in The Barrens. Before Ratchet had a flight point, shoot I think it was even before Camp T had one. I did a lot of running. A lot of dying. And so much swearing! You have no idea…

That sounds like a lot of work…

It is. But anything worth having is worth working hard for. I mean, sure you could go on Ebay and buy yourself a priest, but why? You’d just be stepping into used shoes trying to break them in for your feet. It’s possible, but oh man… the blisters! You learn so much by playing a class from 1-80. You learn tricks, and style. You can have that eventually from an Ebay character, but you’re coming out of the gate wanting to play with folks who’ve likely played their characters from level 1. You’re not going to be on the same field. What I’m saying is, there’s nuance. And you learn that nuance starting at level 1.

Do you PvP?

I have been known to. I actually love healing a Battleground or city raid. It’s so kinetic. PvP used to really bother me, but I got thicker skin, and learned to give in to the suck. I know I’ll die at least once a BG. My only goal when I get in there, is to piss people off. I shield, I heal, I stay alive much longer than that Night Elf rogue would prefer, and I am a pain in their butts. It appeases my inner petulant child.

So you Raid then?

I do! With a wild and raucous crew of folks. I keep them alive and they, in turn, entertain me two nights a week. I think it’s an uneven trade. I’m pretty easily entertained, and they can be very hard to keep alive. But I love a challenge!

Dude. Holy is the only Raid Spec.

You shut your filthy mouth or I’ll shut it for you! With my fist! Discipline priesting isn’t just about healing! With just a simple switch in specs, your Raid purpose morphs into something else. We aren’t just healing, we are damage mitigation! While we don’t top the healy meters, we offer something a little special, a little extra. You know what that is? That’s right. Lazer Healz.

So, which spec should I choose?

It all depends on your personal healing style. I am a bit of a control freak and I am mana stingy. I like to only heal the people who need it, and only heal them for what they need. I like to prevent damage wherever I can, which helps me save mana. I found that as a Holy priest, I just didn’t feel I was being as precise as I am as a Discipline priest. That’s just how my style works. Other folks, they don’t heal so well as Discipline. Try them both and see what works for you! A good group of friends will indulge you in your experiments. Because a more competent and confidant healer benefits everyone.

So, what’s the difference?

Well, I look at it like this. A Discipline priest is like a nurse who has a side business childproofing houses. She puts those little plastic things in the light sockets so your kid won’t stick a fork in there, and she puts locks on the cabinets so your kid doesn’t drink the Windex. She puts a lock on the toilet lid so your kid won’t drown in there (and so that your guests will accidentally pee all over your floor. Haha! So funny. No. No it isn’t.) If your kid happens to figure out how to maim themselves after that, she’ll fix ’em up.

A Holy Priest, I feel, is more like a triage nurse. They heal the living hell out of the kids that come in, but they don’t worry about preventing the injuries outside of maybe handing you a pamphlet on the way to physical therapy. Sure, they have some of the same tools that a Discipline priest does, but their primary job isn’t averting disaster, but rather to try and keep everyone, and I do mean everyone, alive during it.

Simplified (really simplified), Discipline priests focus on one, Holy priests focus on many.

I think that’s all I’ve got. If I think about anything else, I’ll probably add it. Maybe not. I dunno. I’m lazy.


  1. Yes Reggie, you leveled before Camp T got a flight point. I remember that Pill had to go back and get the flight point and we all know how slowly she leveled.

  2. I thought so! Man… those were loooong loooong levels…. :p

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