Posted by: regpriest | August 7, 2009

Watch this space…

Probably sometime in the next few days (I’m hoping for tomorrow) I’ll be putting in a breakdown of the Disc priest spec, including must have talents and glyphs and suggestions for gems and enchants.

Super busy last few weeks have made WoW not as big of a draw as it usually is, but last night’s near victory (and tonight’s inevitable victory) over Thorim have reminded me why I love my class and spec so very much.

It is so very satisfying to run into the fray with your friends, and to come out the other side, alive.

Happy raiding!


  1. Wickedly late to your website yet I found things so very informative and I confess I re-spec’d to Disc due to your influence. I rarely go in to Holy any more. I am now our tank healer (with lasers!)
    I looked for anything you suggested on gems yet didn’t see anything and was wondering what your thoughts are. EJ gives me a headache. you speak my language so I thought I’d ask.
    Anyhow I wanted to thank you for your input and enthusiasm for Disc priests. I really have enjoyed your web page ramblings.

  2. Oh my gosh! I am so happy I’ve helped someone, and not just that, have drawn another person over to healing with lasers!!!
    I have a monster of a post on gems sitting in the pipelines just waiting for me to finish, and I think you’ve just given me the incentive to finish it!
    In the meantime, the stats you’re looking for, in this order: SP, Int, Spirit, Haste, MP5. I tend to set a number goal for each stat, and once I reach it, I move on to another. It keeps me a little bit more organized than I am naturally inclined to be.
    Hope that helped, and I’ll be sure to finish my gem post and post it before the week is over! 😀

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