Posted by: regpriest | August 10, 2009

Let’s Talk About Spec, Bay-bee!!!

The chances are, if you’re reading this, you are either a Discipline priest, thinking about being a Discipline priest, or, more likely, someone who knows me and reads my inane ramblings because they like me and want me to feel like someone gives a crap about what I have to say. I think, no matter what camp you’re in, this might be an informative little stroll through the inner workings of Discipline priesthood.

I want to talk about the must have Discipline talents. I want to tell you what they are, what they do, and why you need them in your life. Granted this is all in my personal, and extremely biased, opinion. But I’ve been healing in Ulduar 25 man for a while now, and it works out pretty well! Now, we’re not doing hard modes or anything wild and crazy like that, but I have managed to keep my fellow raiders alive, and that’s saying something, since they all seem to be suicidal.

So without further ado, The “Must Have” talents for Discipline (in my opinion), and why.

My current spec, and the one I favor is 54/17/0.  There are some talents you can live without, and others that you really shouldn’t.I spent some points on things I really prefer to have, that other people feel would be better spent elsewhere, but they work for me. So keep that in mind when assigning your talent points. I have put the “Must Have” talents in italics.

Discipline Tree:

1/1 Inner Focus: This is my preference entirely. I like to have a variety of options for those fights that are so mana intense that I dip below %50. This is a handy little spell that let’s me get at least a shield up on my target, if the times are tough. A lot of folks feel that point could be spent better in the Holy tree, but I figure, it’s nice to have.

3/3 Improved Power Word Shield: Your PW:S is one of your base spells. In fact, the lower half of the Discipline tree rests on it’s capable shoulders. To go without, is ridiculous.

1/1 Soul Warding: Makes your shield cost lest mana, and reduces the cooldown. This is an inherent good.

1/1 Power Infusion: What used to be a “Must Have” has been reduced to merely a “Sure, if you want” spell. I keep it because I love my mages, and since I often roll on their gear, it’s only fair I give them some love. If you need that point to put elsewhere, or your mages are jerks, by all means, put the point somewhere else. My mages happen to rock the house. Though I often forget I have the spell and therefore they don’t get it as often as they’d probably like.

2/2 Renewed Hope: You don’t have a choice. Take this talent or you will be tarred and feathered. Your main heals (from flash heal, greater heal (you probably won’t be using that sucker) or penance) get a 4% crit boost on folks who are affected by Weakened Soul (your PW:S effect) and every time you cast PW:S on someone you get a buff that affects the entire party/raid and reduces the damage taken by 3%.

3/3 Rapture: Every time a shield pops, you get 2.5% of your total mana back.  But wait! There’s more! The shielded target gets one of a few fabulous prizes! Either: 2% total mana, 8 rage, 16 energy, or 32 runic power. I wanted to make a joke about the Blondie song here, but I’d be reaching.

2/2 Aspiration: 20% reduction in the cooldown of all your bread and butter spells, and your Panic Button (Pain Suppression). Jolly good.

3/3 Divine Aegis: Also known as PW:S 2: Electric Boogaloo. Or, Pretty Bubble! Anytime one of your heals crits on a target, this pops up to absorb 30% of their damage for 12 seconds. PoM will proc it (currently broken thatnks to the latest patch, the DA will end up on you instead of your target) , if you glyph your PW:S (and you’d better!!!) the heal from that will proc it too. A second shield is never a bad thing. It also stacks with your PW:S.

1/1 Pain Suppression: Unlike PI, I really feel no one should do without this spell. It’s a great panic button for when your tank is taking on too much damage, or if you hit the BG’s, it’s great for cheesing off whoever is trying to make you into a walking colander. This is your Panic Button.

2/2 Grace: Back in the old days, Grace used to be so much more, but it’s been nerfed nearly every patch since Wrath’s release. It’s still very useful giving your target 3% extra healing from you (and all of your spells, passive or otherwise) for 15 seconds. It stacks up to 3 times, and it is a good friend, and will even lend you money*. (* note: Grace is not sentient, and does not have pockets, and therefore can not lend you any money.)

5/5 Borrowed Time: After you cast PW:S a lot of things happen. You get passive healing from the glyph, you get passive buffs, you get mana back, and with Borrowed Time, you’ll get 25% spell haste and extra absorption of 40% of your spell power.

1/1 Penance: If you go all the way to the bottom of the Discipline tree and don’t pick this up you are a lost cause and will have to live outside of society until you can behave properly. It heals, it does damage, it slices, it dices, it julianes. It procs Grace, Renewed Hope, Aspiration, and Divine Aegis. It’s a LAZER!!!

Holy Spells:

3/3 Improved Renew: I took this, even though Renew doesn’t proc  DA, because it will benefit from Grace, and it’s a great way to pad your tank/mages/warlocks/rogues in heavy damage situations. A lot of people feel differently. I really think it just depends on the kind of healer you are.

5/5 Holy Specialization: Increases your crit chances with holy spells by 5%. Always good to have,

3/3 Inspiration: If you get a crit on your target with any of your healing spells (except Renew or the Shield glyph) it reduces your target’s physical damage taken by 10%. Because every little bit of padding helps.

2/3 Improved Healing: I only have 2/3 because that’s all I had left point wise. I’m sure some reshuffling will help, but that’s what I have now. It reduces mana cost, and whenever you can reduce mana cost, you should.

I hope this has given everyone some idea about Discipline priest talents. What they do, why they do it, and a little bit about what the roll of “Damage Mitigator” actually means. Next time, I’ll focus on glyphs, and what they can add to your healing.


  1. I actually only have 1 point in Grace, but I was weird and raid healing as disc for awhile. But since I have to go OMG OMG OMG FLASH HEAL FLASH HEAL on the tank more anyway now, I figure I can still get away with just 1.

  2. You probably can get away with just the one, especially now that Grace has become a shadow of it’s former self. I used to have it up on 3 tanks at a time, all topped up and invincible… Oh those were lovely days…
    I used to never use flash heal but find I’m using it more and more these days, especially with the changes to Grace and the extended cooldown on Penance. It’s probably time to glyph it. *sniff*
    But that’s what I love about Disc Priesting. They keep kicking us in the shins, and we keep working around it.

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