Posted by: regpriest | August 11, 2009

I Can’t Glyph, if Glyphing is Without you!!

Yeah… that’s kind of a stretch… even for me. Well, I’m running with it!

So now you’ve speced your brains out, and find yourself with empty glyph slots and a sack full of change with which to fill them. Don’t stand outside the shop window whimpering like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (“I have to buy a dress, and I have alll thi-his mun-knee!!!”). So let me be your hotel fashion lady (her name was Bridget, I looked it up on IMDB. That’s how committed I am to the Pretty Woman simile). I am your Bridget.

Your Major Glyphs:

Power Word: Shield

First, and most important, is your Power Word: Shield glyph. As I said in in the spec post, PW:S is the most important part of your healing repertoire as a Discipline priest. This glyph is one of the reasons why. It heals your target (and benefits from Grace) when it lands. So you heal and shield at the same time. With this glyph, PW:S can save the day often.

I think it’s pretty obvious why you want to glyph Penance. As your main heal, it’s important to have the cooldown as low as possible.

I chose to glyph Prayer of Healing because the spell itself is now a kind of AoE projection heal. Granted it only heals the folks in the target’s party, but it’s still nothing to shake a stick at. Another good glyph would be Holy Nova. It’s a great, “Holy Crap!!” spell for when you have to heal your party and you have to do it now. It’s only really good if you’re close to your party members, and no CC is happening. Which is why I chose to glyph PoH instead.

Your Minor Glyphs:

I have found that most minor glyphs don’t do what you wish they would. The Fortitude glyph is an exception. Prayer of Fortitude has always been a mana suck kind of spell, and cutting the cost by 50% is a beautiful thing.

I chose to glyph Fade for a few reasons, 1- though it’s very rare for me to wrestle aggro from my uber tanks, sometimes it happens, and fade can save my life, and my mana, so that I can live to heal another day. 2- The glyph was in the guild bank already. :p

Levitate is a fun spell. It can be helpful when jumping off things, or when falling off things. It can make you look ultra cool, floating around Orgrimmar while waiting for the raid to start. And now it’s castable on others so you can make everyone and their pet float too! With this glyph you can cast it on anyone walking by and don’t have to worry about farming dumb light feathers anymore.

Granted, these are just my glyphs, and I’ve chosen them based on my personal healing style (more for the Major Glyphs) and whatever was lying around (more for the Minor Glyphs). Those are things you’re going to want to take into account when you glyph yourself. But generally, that’s what you’ll be using. Mostly because, there aren’t that many different glyphs out there.

Good luck and watch out for flying escargot. (See? Totally committed to it.)

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