Posted by: regpriest | August 24, 2009

Turn and face the strange… CHANGES!!!

ZOMG. Expansion Pack. Who else is so excited they could poop? Well… that may be going a bit too far, but I am amped to hell and back. I love the idea of remaking the old world. I love the feeling that, finally, playing for nigh on 5 years will be rewarded, and not just by saying “I remember when the AQ gates opened!!”  We’ll be genuine old salts. We can sit in our rockers on the front stoop of that crappy hut that serves as Org’s sole inn, and say “Man… I remember when Thousand Needles was a desolate wasteland of boring quests…” It’s exciting to me.

New races? FUN! I already have my goblin thought out. Outlandos d’Amour (to complete my Police Album Trilogy of characters), a cross between Pepe LePew and a mob boss. I think he’ll be a rogue. He’s gonna put the moves on my bff’s soon to be Troll druid. It’ll be hilarious. My worgen will probably be a paladin, and I intend for her to either sound like a 1940’s plucky gal (“Awww shucks fellas, I didn’t mean to let you all die.” *scuffs toe of boot on the ground*) or like Bessie Higgenbottom from The Mighty B (“You guysh! Thish ish sho shweet!”). As you can tell I’m heavily into pop culture refrences for my characters. Blizzard and I have that in common.

For my current characters, I am excited about the changes the Cataclysm will bring them. Mostly Reg, my main. Her back story is essentially that she died and rose in her family home. Her family managed to get her to Deathknell, where she could be amongst “her own kind” and therefore avoid being killed by the village elders. I know this is probably a controversial stance to take with an undead, and probably pretty Mary Sue-ish, but I just can’t imagine a family loosing their child, and then, having them wake up, physically changed, but mentally still themselves, and letting them be killed out of fear. I’ve seen a million zombie movies, and one thing they all have in common is that one character can not just let the mob kill their loved one, even if they are currently munching on their armpit. I also find it hard to believe that once Sylvanas was in charge that some Forsaken wouldn’t wake up and hear her, instead of the Lich King. I play Regatta as if there’s many like her. She’s always shocked when other Forsaken say they’re not in contact with their family anymore, since she is, through letters. And yeah, I also play her as remembering how to speak Common, because it is just freaking ridiculous to me that she’d remember her former life, but forget how to speak a language she’s spoken her whole life.

Anywhoodle, I’ve decided to kill her family. Well, most of her family. She has 9 brothers, and I figured one or two of them might not have been home at the time, so they’d probably have been ok. I think it will be a defining moment for her. She’s kind of always straddled both worlds, which I’ve really enjoyed writing. I like that after the death of her family, all she’ll have left is the Horde. (And her fiance from her living life, who is now a Death Knight and lives entirely in my head and not in the game at all, since I think he’d still be human and not Forsaken, and that’s problematic in game. He’s dead though. I just want to put that out there…)

Is it bad? Is Reg’s background Mary Sueish? Is her soon to be story line Mary Sueish? Eeek!


  1. My 2 cents? I don’t think alot of character concepts are necessarily Sue-ish…. it’s how you play them. Having RPed with you for nigh on 4 years now, I can say with absolute confidence that you are not a Sue. If it was a popular concept with a good hook that made a Sue, then Shakespeare is a total hack.

    Enjoy killing off your family!

  2. On paper, sure it looks Sueish, but I’ve RPed with Reggie for ages and I don’t find her at all sueish. Reggie is just a sweet farm girl who happens to be dead.

    Killing Reggie’s family will be a big step. Pill might even be sympathetic

  3. Dang, if Pill gets sympathetic that would blow my mind.

  4. I like it. What’s going to kill them? An earthquake that collapses the house? Rampaging rogue scarlet crusaders? Forsaken (that would be nicely ironic)?

    My worgen character Scuppernine will be somehow related to V, who is from Gilneas but living in Silverpine. A family winery will be involved. Werewolf winemakers, and a connection to dead Baron Silverlaine of SFK.

    • I’m not sure yet. I figure, I’ll see what the Cataclysm brings. It’ll be more interesting for me that way, and sort of real time.
      I LOVE your Worgen idea. I like having my characters related, I think it adds depth, and also, explains why there are similarities in their personalities.

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