Posted by: regpriest | March 22, 2010

Uninspired, or just lazy?

Inspiration comes and goes. If writer’s block is a drought in creativity, I’ve been traveling through the desert on a horse with no name. I have noticed that spring and summer inspire me the most. My falls are filled with real life activity and my winters are filled with desires to nap excessively.  Spring and summer I spend a lot of time outside, and a lot of time thinking, and the result is inspiration.

I think another thing that has stalled me in WoW writing is the approach of Cataclysm. I have big, terrible plans for Reg, and the result is a feeling that, until I can put those plans in action, there’s no point writing for her. I figured, I’ll just raid and wait for Cataclysm. But just yesterday, it dawned on me. Regatta is forsaken. She is heading deep into the Lich King’s lair.

How would she feel about that? Sure I’ve written her as never having been scourge. So I have to wonder, how would she feel going in there? Would she fear that she could turn? Or that she might be killed and rise as a Death Knight? And how would her Death Knight boyfriend feel about her heading in there? Would he be worried for her?

Before I knew it, I had the kernel of a story.

What do you all do when you get a creative drought? Do you have predictable cycles? Has Cataclysm stalled your writing too?


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