Posted by: regpriest | May 11, 2010

Gems. They’re Truly Outrageous.

It is a known fact that I do not crunch numbers. I don’t have the attention span for it. This, no doubt, affects my ability to pull down the BIG green numbers. But I am not a hardcore raider, and my raid isn’t super hardcore. (Unless by “hardcore” you are referring to pornographic conversation, in which case, we’re XXX) I don’t “theorycraft”, I don’t have a spreadsheet.  If I need to add numbers to figure out a piece of gear, this is what I do:

“Hey, Husband? Will you add these two numbers for me so that I can continue to let my brain stagnate and become atrophied from lack of use?”

“Regatta, use the damn calculator function on your computer, can’t you see that I am extremely busy launching cars off cliffs in this unidentifiable Xbox 360 game?”

Then I ask myself out loud why I married a man who cares so little for me he won’t do simple math to make my life easier.

My point is, I am so lazy… so, so lazy.  I don’t know if this is the 100% perfect most awesome way to gem, but I do know that it works for me. And people survive my healing so something is going right! So if some dude-bro on your realm forums Armory Critiques you and makes fun of your gemming, tell him you got your gemming advice from someone with an atrophied brain who can’t even name Xbox games where you can launch cars off of cliffs.

When gemming, a disc priest should be looking for 3 main stats*. Spell Power, Intellect, and Crit. After that, Spirit, Haste, MP5. But how do you decide when you’ve got enough SP, and if you need more Int? Well, I tend to set goals for my stats, such as, 1500 Int. or 30% holy Crit. Then once I hit that number (that really only means something to me) I move on to my next stat goal. I tend to gear, gem, and enchant like a mage (with the exception of haste). I like my big mana pool, I like my crits (and crits = Divine Aegis).

Now that that is out-of-the-way:

Regatta’s Completely Biased Guide to Gemming:

(Note: I’m putting blue quality gems in this list for a few reasons. 1: When you’re leveling you do not want to spend ass loads of gold to gem gear you’re just going to replace in a few levels and B: Sometimes you have an empty slot, no gold, and it’s Raid start time. In those cases you just need something to shove into that slot until you have the gold or the time to get the gold. Also note, I am not including JC only gems.)








Now these are the ones you’ll be looking at primarily. Which one of these you’ll use depends entirely on your “magic numbers”, but now you’ll have a jumping off point to decide which ones you need, and you’ll know which ones to spend badges on, and what you’re looking to get cut when you go knocking on the door of your friendly neighborhood jewelcrafter.

*stats subject to change for Cataclysm. Once the priest changes are set and announced  I’ll redo the gem/enchant/spec/glyph posts as needed.



  1. OMG Crit! I never thought of that. I’ve been concentrating on Spell Power, Spirit and Haste.
    I think I’ll drop some of the last two for some crit.
    Great idea, thanks!!

  2. What is your crit now? Mine is currently around 30%, so I get at least one Aegis a Penance. Which is nice. But I’m a shield-er. I love seeing those bubbles pop up on folks. Some people are more active healers. So they’d want more sp, int, spirit, or haste. If you love shields, grab some more crit. If you use your Flash Heal a lot, grab some more haste, if you’re heavy on the Penance, some SP would be good for you.
    Just keep an eye on how you heal and go from there!

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