Posted by: regpriest | July 7, 2010

You got your Facebook in my Warcraft!

By now, if you have a pulse or aren’t in the Beta, you know what Blizzard is planning to do to their forums. If not, here’s two places to read about it: Forums Official Thread

WoW General Forum Thread

Are you livid? I am. I’m so livid I am channeling the great Madeline Kahn.


From a fabulous Bear on my home realm, the ESRB complaint form.

I’ve put my drop in the bucket. Put yours in too.


  1. Yeah, I’m pretty horrified myself. Also, for the poor sods who can’t actually hear her in their minds, you might want to consider a YouTube link.

    I’m a helper! 😉

  2. What?! You mean some people don’t hear Mrs. White in their heads when they’re angry?
    Thanks for the link Verdus! You’re officially a Please Don’t Die Super Helper!

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